Yaseen Enterprises

Monsoon Burley Tobacco

The Monsoon Burley Tobacco offered by us has got very good filling character. The Monsoon Burley Tobacco is used in US blended cigarettes. We offer the Monsoon Burley Tobacco at affordable rates.

  • Planting : July 2nd week to August 1st week
  • Marketing : November to January

Used In
  • US blended cigarettes

Physical Properties

Colour Rich tan to Brown
Leaf Size Medium to Large
Pore Volume (M1/Gm) 0.18 to 0.28
Filling Value 5 to 6.2

Chemical Properties

Nicotine 0.6 to 1.8%
Reducing Sugars 0.8 to 2%
Chloride 0.15 to 1.45%